Sharing uplifting content, empowering resources, and sending a Life Elevation Note to thousands of people.



Hosting and investing in initiatives that build a more connected, sustainable, and caring world.



Creating active gear and sponsoring events that elevate healthy minds, healthy bodies, and a love for nature.


Due to Covid-19 and disruptions to our supply chains, we have temporarily paused gear sales. As products come back online, they will re-appear throughout the website and in retail outlets. In the meantime, we have continued our inspirational content and global social investments.


Founded in the amazing mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, Raise Your Elevation promotes an inspired, active, and connected lifestyle through empowering content, strategic philanthropic investments, and uplifting community initiatives.

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We feature stories of some special people and organizations who have raised their elevation, and who are helping raise the elevation around them. If that's you, or you want to nominate a person or organization to be featured by Raise Your Elevation, contact us here.

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Retail & Partnership opportunities are available for our trademark and many of the most sought after Raise Your Elevation branded products to be licensed or sold at your shop. We also love to partner on strategic capital and charitable investments.

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