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Plenty of uplifting inspiration is at the heart of an elevated life.


Fun activities and nature for an elevated body.


Helping to grow elevated individuals and communities.


Founded in the amazing mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, Raise Your Elevation promotes an inspired, active, and uplifted lifestyle. Raise Your Elevation is Asheville's hometown trademark, and a beacon of inspiration around the world.

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We feature stories of some special people and organizations who have raised their elevation, and who are helping raise the elevation around them. If that's you, or you want to nominate a person or organization to be featured by Raise Your Elevation, contact us here.

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Brand Licensing

Retail & Partnership opportunities are available for many of the most sought after Raise Your Elevation products to be sold at your shop. The Raise Your Elevation registered trademark is also available to be licensed for your own products or campaign.

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